7th Singapore Hack and Tell, 2014-03-11

  1. Michal demoing Olimex, SDR board, 3D printing & FOSDEM-85
  2. Puneet Dewan on his experience of remote controlling his PC from his mobile using J2ME which gave him valuable experience
  3. Soares on Quiver.JS
  4. Shruthi Suresh on the digital thermometer PCB she designed herself with Eagle
  5. Bjorn with http://www.openinghours.sg/
  6. Wyemun on http://bentopark.com/
  7. Chinmay - Bird call synthesis
  8. Dave with his PI TFT
  9. chernjie on his ssh helper scripts, sshp
  10. Patrick Haller with his related https://github.com/patrickhaller/bash-ssh-agent which only serves the right key for the connecting host
  11. Kai Hendry with Crowd source video annotation a tool to collect video metadata, to help with editing clips later
  12. Aizat - Maps IOS embedding
  13. Karn on silent SMS Delivery Reports that can identify where you are

ANN: Singapore AUV challenge

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