Hack && Tell


September 2013 Hack and Tell

Dude, it was awesome, you totally missed out:

  • Kai Hendry described how he and Adnan Jaludin rigged up a Raspberry Pi to log the temperature of the Hackerspace. There are graphs! There is also code.

  • Yours Truly demoed a tiny parser he wrote to load Kindle clipping files into Mnemosyne, so he doesn’t forget specifics of the books he reads.

  • Ted Chen described an audio steganography project; he and his team embedded a VLF beacon into a music file. Kind of like how Lucius Fox mapped Gotham in The Dark Knight (2008)?!?! An earlier demo is here.

  • Melvin Zhang talked about a collection of AI programs he’s developed to play Magic: The Gathering. You should check out Magarena.

  • Shaun Martin walked through two very different programs to print the Fibonnaci sequence in Haskell. Stuff’s mind-blowing.

  • Chinmay Pendharkar gave us a brief introduction to the Web Audio API. His complete slides are here, but we only had time for a compressed version of that.

  • Lim Chee Aun returned to give us a progress report on his Bus Route Explorer, a web application to view the routes of Singapore’s bus services. You should play with it, it is the best thing.

  • Phil Mockridge explained that his customers can pay for lessons with Bitcoin, which is pretty cool I guess?!?

There’s always next time..


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